When you purchase pure, refreshing Athena® bottled water, you are helping fund breast cancer awareness, care, education and research. Sign up for regularly scheduled bottled water delivery or shop a local retailer. Purchasing crisp, refreshing Athena bottled water for your home or office is simple.


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Receive Athena® bottled water delivery, available almost anywhere in the U.S. You can have 24-pack cases delivered to your home or office as often as every two weeks in most areas. Click on the link above and enter your ZIP Code to determine availability and sign up for delivery service.

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Single-Serve Bottles

You can buy single-serve bottles or 24-pack cases at select stores in many parts of the country. Click on the link above to see the retail locations where Athena® bottled water is available. Be sure to check with individual stores for availability of specific products and sizes.

Working Today for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Athena® knows that being good to the environment can be good for business and our communities. By practicing an approach that is both responsible and resourceful, we've found simple ways over the past decade to bottle water with packaging that has less impact on our environment. Our .5L bottles are among the most lightweight in the industry today. In fact, over the past 10 years we have reduced the amount of plastic in our bottles by more than 50% and in our caps by 25%. Now, add the fact that our packaging is 100% recyclable – from the plastic bottles and caps to the outer wraps* – and you can see why Athena bottled water is doing its part to sustain our environment.

*Recycling programs may not be available in your community.